Birthday Specials For A Limited Time

by admin on February 7, 2012

To celebrate another birthday for ONEgroup, for the month of February you can join as a representative member and enjoy your delicious organic miessence products at an even more discounted rate. I’ve been enjoying a 20% and sometimes 30% off my regular orders, plus representive member get access to exlusive specials which are quite often a 40% discount from the retail price. In fact right now for representatives only is 40% off a number of our certified organic perfumes and baby products!

Joining as a representative normally costs $40, but in the birthday celebration spirit it’s been reduced to $9.95, which you would quickly save back, and much more, with the extra discounts. I’ve been a ONEGroup representative for a number of years now and I love having the amazing products conventiantly arrive on my doorstep each month 🙂

And you get your very own copy of the shop site at where you can send people who also want the healthiest, purest products on the planet and earn commission to either put towards your own purchases or build a business and cash out your earnings.

Click Here To Join!

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