Miessence Memeber Discounts – Up to 40% off

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If you’ve fallen in love with the miessence organic range, there’s a simple way to buy your products at an additional discount!

Becoming a Miessence member (independent representative) entitles you to a 20% to 40% discount depending on your order size.

Also ONEgroup often runs promotional items and product packs where members receive a 40% discount on the product or pack (normal customers would only have a 20% discount)

There is a AU$80/US$60 fee to join initially, however this can be halved or even waived totally depending on the size of your initial order when you join up.

As a member you have the same 30-day money back guarantee if you have any problems with the products.

AND.. as a member you receive your very own copy of the shop website! (just like http://mistore.mionegroup.com)  When your friends ask why your skin is looking so fantastic you can refer them to your shop site and earn commissions on their purchases for helping spread the organic vision.  Your commissions can be used to offset your own miessence purchases, or sent straight to your bank account as cash!

Miessence members are recommended to setup a default monthly order (which can be turned off if required) to make sure they are eligible for all the discounts and commissions.  So if you’re looking to spend about AU$70 or so most months between our skin, hair, body, oral, cosmetics, baby, household, perfumes, essential oils and nutritional products (I’m a single guy and order this much every month!) then this is definitely for you.

If you have any questions about the member program you can either email me at dan@micertifiedorganics.com or in Australia call on 0412270776.

Click here to join as a miessence member

Buying the highest quality certified organic products for you and your family has never been more affordable.

Happy shopping 🙂
Daniel Campagnoli

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