‘Organic’ companies sued for false claims

by admin on June 22, 2011

Wouldn’t you be annoyed and feel misled if products you spent the premium dollars for organic quality weren’t quite so organic after all? 26 companies have been pulling the wool over the consumers eyes with incorrectly labeled products and now subject to a lawsuit started by the environmental group The Center for Environmental Health.

In California the labeling law requires organic products to have at least 70 percent organic ingredients. These companies were not meeting the requirements for a number of their products, deceiving consumers about what they were actually buying.

This is why we stand behind the miessence brand of organic products which have always had transparent, clear labeling.  While most products in the range are fully certified organic to the most stringent food standards, the ones that aren’t don’t carry the organic branding so there is no misleading what is in it.  For example the conditioner just clearly states there is 86% organic ingredients, and the deodorants which contain the sodium bicarbonate are 100% natural ingredients and 84% certified organic ingredients.

If you’ve been looking for an organic brand which is truly organic then Miessence is one of the few which always holds their product integrity to the very highest levels.

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